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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I know my content won't be leaked?
A: We deploy state of the art content protection methods on our website.  The top two tiers of our website are very expensive which limits the number of eyes on our content.  Our top tier for very rare elite content requires a non-disclosure agreement.  Only serious members who are willing to provide to guarantees will have access.

Q: I'm worried someone I know may try to see my content, can you help?
A: If your content is in our highest tier (Elite Illusions), we can deny entry to a select few individuals you provide to us.

Q: How do I attend an event?  I never see a way to apply.
A: Only a select few models under contract to produce elite content are able to attend our all-inclusive events.  Models that aren't able to produce elite content are able to attend by paying a fee.

Q: My friend told me you were able to get her published in magazines such as Playboy.  Is this still possible?
A: Yes.  Models under contract to produce rare content do have the option to be placed in, or on the cover of, popular magazines.

Q: I really want to work with you guys, but I do have an Only Fans.  How would that work?
A: We welcome all models that want to work with us!  We have tiers for models that produce similar content.  Typically we come to an agreement where we'll pay you some money, and we both get the content.

Q: My social media following is pretty small.  Is there a specific follower count I need to apply?
A: No!  Follow count has nothing to do with how we select models.  Rather you have 10M followers or 500, we want to work with you!  Our main criteria is appearance, nudity level, and rarity of content.

Q: Do y'all work with models with piercings and tattoos? 

A: Yes!  We work with all types of models.  If you have 10 tattoos, 6 ear piercings, a bellow button piercing, nipple piercings, and genital piercings, we want to work with you!  Our members are attracted to a wide variety of models.

Q: Is there a minimum cup size in order to model?
A: No!  Our members request numerous types of shapes and sizes of breasts.  Our members actually have requested models with small breasts.

Q: Are there height and weight requirements?
A: Generally, we prefer models that have a flat stomach.  We do hire models that are thick, but there are limited spots available.  There are no height requirements.